7 Mind Bending Physics Facts ...


My worst and least favorite subject at school was physics, but as I’ve grown older, I have gained more interest in physics facts.

I don’t profess to fully understand many that I hear or read about, but I’m a very inquisitive person and love to know how things work and the science of potentials, would have, could have and should have, is far more fascinating to me these days than when I was made to study it.2

Actually, I am pretty much in awe of the scientists who establish physics facts – such as these:-

1. The Speed of Light Varies Consistently

You know that light has a speed – yes?

It's 671 million miles/hour.

That’s the fastest speed anything can travel, which was laid out by Einstein in his Theory of Relativity.

However, light does not always travel at this top speed.

The speed of light slows down in a medium, such as glass or water.

In fact, if the medium is dense enough, you can slow the speed of the light travelling through it right down to a trickle!

This is just one amazing fact about light.3

I learned last night watching Stargazing on BBC2 that light also bends, which is another amazing thing about the universe, again quantified by Einstein and his theory which is the source of many fascinating physics facts.

2. Relativity Turns Space Travelers a Bit Younger

Have you ever thought why it is actually called the Theory of Relativity?

It is called this to illustrate that things like time are not fixed and universal, but changeable and relative.

In other words, your time might not flow at the same rate as my time.

Einstein realized that, depending on your velocity, your experience of time will be different relative to other people.

For example, if you travel faster, then to an external observer your time will appear to flow more slowly than theirs, whereas from your viewpoint, the observer will appear to be moving more quickly in time.

So you will age more slowly than they will.

The only hitch is that this effect is only noticeable if you travelled at speeds nearing the speed of light.

But that does not mean it isn’t happening!2

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