How to Have a Girls' Night out on the Cheap ...


Do you need some girls’ night out ideas that won’t break the bank?

You want to go out and have a fun night with the girls but you are low on funds.

Don’t give up;

there are still ways you can make it happen with these inexpensive but fun girls’ night out ideas.

The only problem will be deciding which one you want to do first.

1. Shop for Accessories

There are probably times when you don’t have the money for a huge shopping spree but you still want to shop.

This is when you shop for accessories.

There are tons of stores where you can find accessories for less than $10.

A personal favorite of mine is Charming Charlie.

This is one of the best girls' night out ideas because you get to shop but you don’t have to spend a fortune.

2. Hit Starbucks

You want to hang out with your friends but you can’t get past the fact that you are really broke.

What to do?

Hit Starbucks!

For around five dollars you can sip and chat for hours.2

You get your girls' night fix and go home without racking up any credit card debt.

It’s a win-win solution.

3. Watch a Matinee

Maybe there is a movie you and your friends are dying to see but you don’t want to cough up the cash for a show.

Why not go for a matinee?

Matinees are usually quite a bit cheaper.

You will probably shave about a third of the price off of the ticket by going in the daytime.

It isn’t exactly a girls’ night out but it is a girls’ day out, which is still fun.

4. Go out for Dessert

Can’t afford to meet for dinner?

How about going out just for dessert?

You can eat your dinner at home and then meet your friends and enjoy a wonderful dessert.2

Desserts are generally about half the price of a meal entrée.

You can sit and chat while you enjoy some scrumptious treats.2

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