If You Love Etsy, then You'll Love These 7 Sites ...


If you love Etsy, you like unique items and you have a passion for creativity and things different to the norm.

And if you don’t know about Etsy, it’s time to get educated.

Etsy is a marketplace for individuals to sell their stuff.

But it isn’t any old stuff.

It is handmade, hobby craft, arty, handicrafts etc.

It’s a great place for something unique and unusual but you can also find mainstream items with a twist or individual flair.

Etsy’s not the only such site.

If you love Etsy, you’ll love these too.

1. artfire.com

Built in the same pattern as Etsy – with individual sellers setting up “shops”, Artfire has the great tagline “Gifts for All: Surprise Someone Special Today”.

One of the premier artisan marketplaces, I love Artfire.

It is so colorful and the front page is the perfect showcase of the interesting and eclectic products on offer.

Find some steampunk earrings for your bestie or a tie clip made from a circuit board for the IT Geek in your life.2

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