How to Stay Sane While Living with Roommates ...


Living with roommates is effing hard.

I lived with a roommate once and I swore I'd never, ever do it again.2

It is a GREAT way to save money though and if you need to have roommates, don't worry, I've got the best survival kit out there for you!

So, take a look below on how to stay sane while living with other people.

1. Tune Them out Completely

Tune Them out Completely

Headphones were invented for a reason.

2. Kill 'em with Kindness

Kill 'em with Kindness

Seriously, just slay them with all kinds of kindness.2

3. Set up 'quiet Hours'

Set up 'quiet Hours'

This would be great if it worked right?

4. Chore Wheel

Chore Wheel

Work out chores that you actually need done, anything extra – you might be on your own.

For example, if you like the floors swept a certain way, you need to take that chore.

5. Try Splitting the Groceries, Cooking and Meals

Try Splitting the Groceries, Cooking and Meals

This so, so works!

Making sure that you split up everything saves money for everyone.

6. Google Spreadsheet for Bills

Google Spreadsheet for Bills

I do this with my wife and it makes it really clear what is due and when.

7. Establish Limits

Establish Limits

Lots and lots of limits.

8. Communicate Any Plans for Public Spaces

Communicate Any Plans for Public Spaces

If you are planning on having a party, make sure that you communicate it to your roommate.

9. Shower Schedule

Shower Schedule

ESPECIALLY if you have one bathroom, this is a must.

10. Don't Get OCD about Cleaning

Don't Get OCD about Cleaning

Yes, have a chore sheet but don't get OCD about it.

11. Discuss Your Finances

Discuss Your Finances

You'll need to know each other's finances if you are going to live together.

12. Respect Each Other

Respect Each Other

You've got to make sure that you both respect one another.

13. Give Each Other Space

Give Each Other Space


Space is a must.

14. Stay Busy

Stay Busy

The busier you are, the more you don't have to be at home.

Talk about Any Issues ASAP
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