7 Green Ways to save Money ...


With the failing economy and global warming becoming a real threat, now is the most crucial time to find out effective Green Ways to Save Money. Changing tiny elements of your day-to-day living can make a huge difference on the environment as well as your bank account. With the economy double-dipping, prices going through the roof and environmental changes occurring all over the world, you can help save your pocket and planet by following some of these 7 Green Ways to Save Money.

1. Reduce Water Consumption

Water is the elixir of life. We need it for survival, but it still costs money. Never take it for granted.

• Take shorter showers. It reduces your heating and water bills. Victoria, Australia suffers from major water droughts, so their government encourages its citizens to have a ‘4 minute’ shower rule. That’s right, that’s 4 minutes to take a full shower. If Australians can do it, you can too! Try to aim for these quick showers and you’ll soon find yourself a green way to save money.

• Turn off leaking taps and don’t let the tap run when you brush your teeth.

• Installing a faucet aerator also reduces water use when the tap is running.

• When it’s sunny, hang your clothes on a clothes line. If not, use a drying rack and open a window. Dryers suck up a huge proportion of your water usage, as well as heating, which makes money go down the drain.

Reduce the Amount of Energy You Use
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