7 Great Tips That'll Help You Negotiate Your Salary ...


Do you know how to negotiate your salary?

According to research conducted by corporate consultant Mariela Dabbah, women tend to ask for a lot less than they are worth when it comes to work – and men are much better at getting a better starting package.

So how do you get your hands on that extra cash?

Here’s some great tips that will help you negotiate your salary!

1. Work out What You Need…

How much does it cost you to live?

While everyone dreams of what they’d do with more money – a better apartment, a nicer car, a brand new kitchen, a herd of pets – you should know what your current expenses are, as you at least need to cover those.

Add up everything that you need to pay each month, including your rent, student loans and average food bills.

Then never settle for less than this!

You need to negotiate your salary to at least cover your costs.

Research Yourself…
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