Best Advantages of Not Owning a Car ...


The numerous advantages of not owning a car mean that if you can manage without one, then it's well worth doing so.

Cars are undoubtedly very convenient, and for many people are a lifeline.

You can't really do without one if you live in a rural area.

But for those who have access to good public transport and who live within walking distance of facilities, it's a distinct advantage not to own a car.

Here are some of the advantages of not owning a car …2

1. Savings

One of the biggest advantages of not owning a car is that you make enormous savings.

Owning and running a car is expensive.

It's not just the cost of gas;

you also have to pay for insurance (which can be very expensive if you're young or live in an urban area), maintenance and taxes.

If you can manage without a car, you'll have a lot more spare cash.

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