Negative Behaviors to Change if You Want to Be Happier ...

By Melissa

Negative Behaviors to Change if You Want to Be Happier ...

Recently I cut some pretty damaging things from my life. I changed some habits and made better choices. By making these changes, I was able to make room for more happiness in my life and rid myself of a lot of negativity. If you give up these 7 things, you will be happier too.

Table of contents:

  1. the need to be right
  2. giving up constant control
  3. resist change
  4. no complaining
  5. let go of the past
  6. stop blaming others
  7. no more negative self-talk

1 The Need to Be Right

I used to take great joy in proving others wrong. I got kind of a rush knowing that I was right, but I noticed needing to be right was actually putting a damper on many of my friendships. Friends didn’t want to talk to me about important issues because they felt like they constantly needed to defend themselves or their opinions.

2 Giving up Constant Control

In life, we can plan things out. We can try to make things go our way, but we really can’t control the outcome. I realized that I was wasting too much time on control. Ultimately, the only thing I have control over is myself and I have to learn to roll with what comes my way instead of trying to run it all.

3 Resist Change

Giving up control also meant learning to live with change. Change is a good thing. It allows you to try new things and maybe find a better way of doing things. I have become so open to change and new opportunities. It has really allowed me to take part in so many great experiences.

4 No Complaining

Ahh! I am guilty of this one for sure. Sometimes complaining is so easy to do. But, focusing on the negative really dampens the mood. Instead, I have learned to focus on the positive things even in crappy moments.

5 Let Go of the past

Too many of us focus on the past. We dwell on past hurts and failures. When we do this we allow those moments and the people who caused them to continue to ruin our futures. It is time to let it all go. Today is a new day and you have the rest of your life ahead. Drop that anger and hurt so you can embrace your future happiness.

6 Stop Blaming Others

Don’t blame others. It is too easy to blame your failures on someone else. When you do that you aren’t learning from the mistake you made in the process. If you want to change your outcome and succeed in the future, you have to give each situation an honest look and see what changes YOU can do to make it better next time.

7 No More Negative Self-Talk

It’s bad and so deconstructive to put yourself down. It rides on your happiness and steals your joy. Let go of the negative voices in your head and seek positive reinforcement. You will find much more happiness in seeing the good in yourself than in seeing the faults. Speak up and feed yourself encouraging words.

When you let go of these 7 bad habits you will start to feel better about yourself and who you are. In the process of that you will lose negative feelings and start to feel happier and better. What are some behaviors you have changed to create more happiness in your life?

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