7 Life Changes You Can Make when You Awake in the Morning ...


7 Life Changes You Can Make when You Awake in the Morning ...
7 Life Changes You Can Make when You Awake in the Morning ...

Even just the words "life changes" sound daunting, don't they? But all new good habits and positive life changes don't have to be a lot of work - some of them are actually pretty simple, and you can start them when you wake up in the morning! Here are a few ideas...

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No Alarm Clock

room, mural, interior design, ReactionGIF.org, Did you know you can train your body to wake up on time, so you'll never need an alarm clock again? I can't think of a worse way to wake up than to a blaring alarm clock, which is why this simple change tops my list.


Get up and Go!

muscle, leg, arm, sports, physical fitness, I'm not talking CrossFit or marathon training or anything. Even a quick jog around the block or a brisk pre-shower walk or some gentle yoga stretches can start your day right. It's invigorating!


Break Your Fast

human action, person, eating, meal, Why, If you're not already eating breakfast, now's the time to start. Even if it's just a quick banana, a slice of whole-grain toast, and a cup of tea, your body craves a little nourishment at the start of a busy day.


Sunscreen and Moisturizer

music, singing, They, make, lotion, The wee morning hours are the perfect time to take care of your skin. It's such a great idea to get into the habit of caring for your skin: don't forget the moisturizer and sunscreen at the end of your routine!


Meditate My Dear!

person, fashion, singing, In our world of constant connection, it's hard to find the time to just clear our minds and focus our energies. I do it in the shower, but you can do it anywhere, anytime in the morning.


Get Organized

Santander, Tally Academy, TDI, SIFMETH, Jammin', My days became a lot less stressful when I started making a list of everything I needed to get done in the week - and when I started checking my list and prioritizing each morning. It's so helpful!


Be Thankful

person, speech, THANK, YOU!, Last but not least, I've also started counting my (many) blessings each morning, rather than whinging about what potential downers the day ahead might hold. Before I set off, I thinking of three fab things about my day I'm looking forward to, no matter how small... this slight attitude adjustment makes all the difference!

What other good life changes will you make tomorrow morning? Please share!

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I cannot imagine my life without an alarm clock...

Sleep by a window with no window coverings...the natural light will wake you up. Set an alarm as a back up if needed....sometimes the natural light comes too late if you have to be an early bird...get to sleep earlier if possible.

How exactly do you train yourself to wake up without an alarm clock? I want to try it

Great advice! Sometimes it's difficult to look forward to some days, going to try these for sure.

Great post :)

Tried without an alarm clock!!! On the 4th & 5th days it works!!! Let's see what next

I wish I could do without an alarm clock! I always have nightmares about arriving at work at noon! Aaaaargh! Maybe one day I will train my mind to so without an alarm clock but for now the alarm clock rules!!!


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