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You Only Need These 21 Products to Throw the Perfect Party ...

By Eliza

Having a party is so much fun, but it definitely requires some work and effort to make it happen. You can't throw a soiree without all the proper materials on hand, which is why you need this list to help you out. With these handy items, your fiesta will go off without a hitch. Have fun!

1 Serving Dishes

Use this adorable cat dish to put out some yummy snacks.

2 Snack Plates

These little plates are the perfect size for your guests to pile their snacks on while.

3 Tapas Dishes

Serving tapas? Then you definitely need this dishes.

4 Cocktail Shaker

Mix everyone the perfect drink with this handy cocktail shaker.

5 Whiskey Bullets

These are perfect for keeping drinks cold without watering them down.

6 Ice Bucket

When you have a party, you must have a place to chill the wine.

7 Bottle Opener

Make sure your guests can pop the top off their bottles with this cute opener.

8 Wine Glasses

You can't have a party without some wine glasses.

9 Drinks Tumblers

You'll need some of these glasses too.

10 Drinks Pitcher

You'll need a way for guests to pour their drinks and this pitcher is perfect.

11 Napkins
You can't have a party without some napkins and these are perfect.

12 Turntable for Music

Turntable for
Use this fun, retro record player to get some party tunes going for your guests.

13 Set the Mood

Set the
Use this to get the perfect mood music and lighting for your party.

14 Serving Spoons

You've got to have some serving spoons for your spread of food.

15 Platter
A platter lets you put out a bunch of food at one time.

16 Perfect for Dip

Perfect for
This handy dish is perfect for serving chips and dips at all of your parties.

17 Food Picks

Serving appetizers? These make it easy for your guests to grab and go.

18 Conversation Starters

These cards will get the conversation flowing, no matter who you invited to your party.

19 Cocktail Party in a Box

Cocktail Party in a
Whip up all the best drinks with this handy set of cocktail mixers.

20 Table Covers

Disposable tablecloths don't have to look tacky and they make for easy clean up after your party.

21 The Perfect Dress

The Perfect
You can't host a cocktail party without the perfect dress, right?

When is your party? Who is on the guest list?

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