7 Words You Should Use Less Frequently ...


You'll sound more professional if you cut certain words out of your vocabulary. While you're free to use the following words when you're chilling with your friends or scribbling in your diary, you don't want to use them when you're chatting with your boss or on a job interview. If you do, it could cost you your career or your reputation.

1. Filler Words

Anyone skilled in public speaking will tell you how dangerous it is to rely on filler words like "umm" and "like." If you need to pause to think of something to say, you should remain quiet instead of filling the silence with your grunts. You'll sound much more professional if you don't get terrified of pauses. Plus, haven't you ever gotten annoyed by someone who kept repeating the same words over and over? It'll be easier for others to listen to you and take you seriously if you avoid filler words.

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