8 Wonderful Wine Accessories ...

Wine accessories can be a marvelous way to let the world know just how much you love your chardonnay, cabernet, or merlot! And while you can find a clever wine tee or cute tote or bottle-top candelabra at a local boutique, there’s an online shop called L.A. Wine Accessories that has a wide selection and often, offers free shipping! In fact, they’re also offering a discount code to all AWS readers… yay! The code is gift5 and it’s redeemable for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more. Free shipping, discount code, and cute wine accessories? Let’s get going! Here are my picks for 8 wonderful wine accessories from L.A. Wine Accessories.

1. Group Therapy Women’s Tee

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Price: $21.00 at lawineaccessories.com
Does your weekly therapy session include your best friends and a good bottle of wine? Well, it should! Celebrate your love of wine and friends with this clever black vee neck tee. It’s adorned with colorful rhinestones that let the world know how you stay so calm and centered — group therapy!

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