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7 Wonderful Reasons to Move across the Country ...

By Heather

If you’re considering a big move this year, or not sure if you’d like to make one, find out my favorite reasons to move across the country. You might think this sounds a little dramatic, but hear me out. Moving across the country comes with many benefits you can’t even imagine. It doesn’t have to be about escaping your current life, but embracing a new one. Find out my favorite reasons to move across the country, which I’ve been thinking about myself lately, to be quite honest. And do be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done this yourself. I’d love to hear from you!

1 Change of Atmosphere

One of the best reasons to move across the country is to get a change of atmosphere. Through traveling and living somewhere up north for a short time, I found out that a new atmosphere can bring such a joy we could have never imagined. A new atmosphere inspires new ideas, gives you new things to explore, and best of all, gives you new surroundings to enjoy.

2 Meeting New People

The people in your life right now are probably pretty awesome for the most part, and moving isn’t about leaving them so much as it is giving yourself the opportunity to meet even more amazing people. No one said you could never move back if it doesn’t work out. Give yourself a new chance to meet new people with new ideas in a fresh new place! You might just find that best friend you’ve been looking for, or your future husband!

3 New Memories

If you have bad memories of where you currently live, moving can help you create new ones. Sure, you could move to a few states away to do this, and moving across the country might not be necessary. That being said, moving to any state can give you new memories to experience to help make up for bad ones you might have in your current town, and give you new things to appreciate.

4 Job Opportunities

You could move anywhere to get a new job opportunity actually, but most of the time, moving across country makes you braver, more open to ideas, and ready to start a wit a clean slate. This can give you job opportunities you never thought possible, because you’re actually open to anything that comes your way.

5 Increased Bravery

I don’t think anyone should move across country just to become brave, but doing so can sure make you that way! It takes a lot of guts to move somewhere far away from where you live. It will probably bring a little tinge of sadness to your life for a short time, just because you might be scared, but tough it out! Doing so will probably make you braver than you ever imagined, and give you new ideas for a new life ahead.

6 Better Pay

Depending on where you move to, you might be able to make more money. For instance, I live in a very poor state, and employment is scarce here. Anyone could move out of the state I live in right now across the country, and be able to make more money. Now, while that doesn’t apply to everyone, it applies to many people. Moving up north, or to the East coast can all provide better pay for many people, and even a few southern states pay pretty well too these days.

7 Fresh Start

Lastly, give yourself the chance to start fresh by moving across country. New places to explore, people to meet, things to do, and more, are all things to start over fresh in a new state of your choice. A fresh start can sometimes help us get out of a life rut, start a journey to a dream we’ve always wanted, and help us become a person we never thought possible.

If you’ve ever moved across country, or anywhere, I bet you’ve experienced one or more of these benefits. So, you tell me, what is your personal favorite reason for moving across country, or anywhere else?

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