Wine down : an Ode 📝 to One's Love ❤️ of Wine 🍷 ...

Wine down: an ode to wine

Ladies, how many of us love a good bottle of wine? I know for me, I can drink a whole bottle of wine all by myself and feel zero guilt whatsoever. Wine has the alluring power of making us feel so at ease and completely chill once we take that first sip. It's as if we are drinking a liquid form of relaxation. Whether you prefer a red or white, wine is usually the key to helping us fully unwind after having a stressful day dealing with BS.

I wrote this short and fun poem called Wine Down: an ode to wine and how I couldn't imagine my life without it. Ok, maybe that's a tad dramatic, but I'm sure there are a few ladies out there who would agree with my sentiments. To me, wine is just as important as water because it's good for your heart (numerous research studies have said red wine, in particular, can be good for overall heart health) and it can help you get the best night's sleep!

So, here it is:

Wine Down

It's been one of those days.
I'm craving your smooth oak taste.
You know exactly how to calm me down.
Helping me cope with anything thrown my way.
As soon as you touch my lips, my whole body feels at ease.
And once you're inside me, I can finally breathe.
Every night with you is a cathartic release.
That's why I keep you stocked so you'll always be ready & waiting for me.

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