Totally Real ✌️ Reasons Why πŸ’ Women Need πŸ™ Men Friends πŸ‘« ...

It's totally true - there are reasons why women need men friends. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t know what you would do or how you would get by on a day to day basis without your group of best ladies. Whether these are friends from childhood, college or friends that you have made in your adult years at work, there is nothing more magical in a woman’s life than the strong bond she shares with her gang of female besties. However, a girl can gain a lot from having close male friends too. We’re not talking about the kind that comes with benefits, just a one or more guys who are truly your platonic pals. Here’s just a few reasons why women need men friends just as much as female friends.

1. Familiarise Yourself with Maleness

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The old saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus might not be quite true, but there certainly are massive difference between the way a woman lives her life and the way a man lives his. If you have male friends around who aren’t interested in pursuing you, you are free to examine them in their natural environment and get to know all of the different quirks and rituals that guys tend to share! I think that's my favorite of the many reasons why women need men friends.

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