Real Reasons Why the Holidays Can Be Rough ...


Real Reasons Why the Holidays Can Be Rough ...
Real Reasons Why the Holidays Can Be Rough ...

You are not an asshole for hating the holidays. There are reasons why the holidays can be rough.

Nope, you are not even wrong for wanting them to just end.

They can be rough.

You’re not selfish for wanting to spend some time away from those who love you.

Or claim to.

Sometimes, the holidays feel staged and rigged of family members putting on a face for those social media pictures.

Or it’s a moment where you feel made fun of and grilled due to having specific wants and dreams. Or, perhaps, you have no idea what you want out if life.

Regardless, we will find ourselves rolling our eyes at that next bullshit biblical quote from the Bible. Usually, it comes from the most hypocritical one in the family.

And guess what, we all know it. Yet, no one will dare to say it.

Otherwise, you’re just another asshole for speaking up and sticking to your beliefs.

The irony of a merry-go-cheer.

But the holidays do not have to be a dreaded time or another painful year for many of us. You can get past the reasons why the holidays can be rough.


You are not wrong for wanting to be alone to cry, laugh, and/or scream.

The holidays are painful.

The holidays are not always a time for us to remember the good moments.

Often, they remind us on those we have lost.

Perhaps, it was a year of losing a job, financial issues, a breakup, getting played, getting hurt, and hurt all over again.

Each year, we have gained but we have also lost. A lot.

So when things feel rough during the holiday season, just remember that you can do whatever the fuck you want in order to self-care.

Look out for yourself for the sake of your own physical, emotional, and mental health.

You are never wrong on how you feel.


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@amby Better late than never πŸ™πŸ™

This year I was a last minute Lucy next year I will be better lol

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