Why Not Throw a Mocktail Party

By Leiann

Why Not  Throw a Mocktail  Party

Throwing a mocktail is ultimately safe and responsible drinking, yet fun and creative partying. Instead of having a party based up a certain theme, which most advisors say to do, I personally think you should base the party upon simply it being about mocktails. How many people take the time out, in their lives, to make themselves a mocktail? You are pampering them!

Listed are a few tips for the best mocktail party ever!

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Be Creative
  2. 2. Choose at Least 3 Recipes for a Variety
  3. 3. Use Nice Glasswear
  4. 4. Use Cute Napkins
  5. 5. Have Snacks
  6. 6. Let Guests Help Themselves
  7. 7. Play Good Music
  8. 8. Have Cute Decorations
  9. 9. Research Suggests Games
  10. 10. Mingle with Your Guests!
  11. 11. Designated Driver

1 Be Creative

The easiest way to serve mocktails at a party? Use sun tea jars to serve guests, even if not making sun tea. So much easier than using a bunch of pitchers. Below is where you may buy sun tea jars, for your convenience.



2 Choose at Least 3 Recipes for a Variety

Choose your favorite! Below are a couple, of websites to find recipes!



3 Use Nice Glasswear

Buy from your local dollar store! Yes, plastic cups are easier to drink from, but dollar store drinking glasses add a nice touch with napkins.

4 Use Cute Napkins

Buy from your local dollar store! Use either plain white napkins, colors or patterns.

5 Have Snacks

Guests might be hungry. Have some lunch meat and cheese, with a good loaf, of Italian bread, Chex mix party mix, pretzels, etc.

6 Let Guests Help Themselves

Easy, right? Some people are starving but too shy. With a snack bar or table, maybe they would feel less embarrassed, to eat.

7 Play Good Music

Not all of you girls are from the boom box days, so play music however you can! Personally, I am not up-to-date with iPods or any new music technology.

8 Have Cute Decorations

Buy from your local dollar store! Maybe you can buy a cute tablecloth, if anything?

9 Research Suggests Games

Personally, I think simply the party is best, without games. I think games are boring. You might be different.

10 Mingle with Your Guests!

Reap the benefits, of your hard work, of planning, a wonderful time, for people, to party happily, healthy and safe!

11 Designated Driver

Finally, if you are having a cocktail party and simply are reading this, have a mocktail bar set up, at your party, for the designated driver!

Finally, no matter what the time of year, a mocktail party is perfect!





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