The Importance 💡 of Being a Gentleman 😊 in a Chivalry Free 😒 World 🌎 ...

Want to know why it's important to be a gentleman? Many people believe the days of the gentleman have evaporated like an extinct animal. The truth is, the gentleman actually has. I was always raised to respect my elders, but most importantly I was raised to respect women. There are some responsibilities that come with taking on the role of the gentleman. Number one you must respect yourself. If you cannot respect yourself, how can you respect anyone else?

Number two, always respect women no matter how insulting they may be. There are many times where women may not want to be approached, talked to or helped and can be very rude about turning a man down. Do not take it personally, remain the gentleman, thank them for their time and walk away respectfully and politely. Number three, always do the little things to make her smile. For example, open the door, give her your coat if it's too cold, hold her hand when you sense danger and oh yea, wipe food off of her mouth when she doesn't know she has it on her.

A gentleman will be kind, protective, caring and funny. I remember there was a man on the corner asking for money and I was with one of my friends. My friend did not have a lot of money in his pocket, but he gave the man everything he had. I asked why he did that and he replied "because I have a job and he doesn't. His actions were caring, thoughtful, unselfish and respectful. He had the attributes of a gentleman.

Number four, a gentleman do not only have to be a gentleman with women. He can be a gentleman to a man as well. A gentleman will help that struggling elderly person mow their grass, carry groceries or wash their car. Most importantly a gentleman will always be able to make you smile and if he cannot crack a smile out of you, then at least he can walk away respectfully. That's why it's important to be a gentleman.

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