Why Each Zodiac ♋️♌️♍️♉️ Texts 💬 You at 3AM 🌙 ...

Hey, we’ve all been there before. It’s 3AM and you have just managed to settle into a sweet slumber, when suddenly your phone goes off and you just know that it’s going to be a text from the one person. They hardly speak to you in the day, but for some reason as soon as the moon comes out they get the urge to whip out their cell and send you a message that disturbs your sleep! If you aren’t quite sure why they always choose to do this at the same awkward time every night, then astrology might be able to help. Here’s why each zodiac sign texts you at 3AM!

1. Aries

They are the most forgetful sign there is, so they probably forget to tell you something earlier and only just remembered!

2. Taurus

They get really introspective and questioning late at night, so they probably want to talk to you about the meaning of life and the universe!

3. Gemini

It takes them pretty much all day to work up the courage to talk to someone, so they probably went to have a conversation with you about something quite serious.

4. Cancer

Cancers are very picky about who they choose to spend their time with, so the truth is that they might just be lonely and looking for some friendly reassurance.

5. Leo

Leos find it hard to do pretty much anything on their own, so he probably wants help from you relating to a life crisis or even a project!

6. Virgo

Virgos don’t operate to the same kind of schedule as everyone else, so they won’t care that it’s 3AM, they are just bored and looking for some entertainment!

7. Libra

Libras can’t stand to be quiet or lonely for a single second, so the reason they are probably texting you this late is because they don’t have anyone else to occupy them!

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely driven by libido, so if your getting a 3AM text that doesn’t usually happen, then you can be sure that that is a straight up booty call!

9. Sagittarius

There is always something weighing on the mind of a Sagittarius, so the 3AM text from them is probably some sort of confession that they need to get off of their chest.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are plagued with self-doubt and a lack of confidence, so the text is probably some along the lines of needing to be reassured that they aren’t a terrible person and friend!

11. Aquarius

They have no concept of time, so the text is probably the same kind of checking in text that other normal people would send during a lunch break at work!

12. Pisces

Pisces is probably the most caring sign, so their 3AM will probably be a sweet message checking up on you and making sure you are doing okay.