What 🤔 Your Zodiac Sign ♎️♉️♊️♏️ Says 🗯 about the Kind of Friend 👫👭👬 You Are ...


There are millions of videos and articles on the internet that like to break down friendship groups and assign different roles and stereotypes to each member of the squad, and the funny thing that a lot of them actually hold some sort of truth that you can apply to your own set of friends! We all like to think that we are totally original, but when it really comes down to it, some of our behaviours, especially in terms of relationships with other people, can be pretty predictable and predestined. Here is what kind of friend you are according to your zodiac sign!

1. Aries

vision care, glasses, spokesperson, white collar worker, journalist,

You are headstrong and great at making decisions, so you are usually the friend who organises all the get-togethers and picks the places to eat, drink and vacation!