What Type πŸ€” of Phone πŸ“± Addict 🀀 Are You?

What type of phone addict are you? Phones. We’ve all got them, and to a certain extent, we are all addicted to them! Society has now reached a point where if you don’t see somebody walking down the street with a cell phone in their hand, you figure that something must be wrong with them. They are our solace in a room full of strangers and also our gateways to the wider social media based world. But have you ever taken a second to consider what type of phone addict you might be? Here are some of the most classic answers for what type of phone addict are you?

1. Notification Junkie

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You love nothing more than to hear your phone pinging and buzzing away in your pocket, crammed full of notifications from the 784 different apps and social media platforms that you have accounts for! You love to feel the connection between yourself and the legion of other users that are interacting with your updates, photos, shares, and comments. It feels really good to be in the loop, and you are constantly searching to compose that one tweet that is going to go viral!

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