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What is R.Evolucin Latina Arts ?

By Karen

What is R.Evolución Latina? R.Evolución Latina is an organization in New York City that uses the arts through educational and collaborative programming to empower members of the Latino community to discover their full potential. They are committed to having a positive impact and pledge to:

1 Dare to Go beyond

This is the most important pledge and it involves pushing your limits, taking risks and accepting challenges.

2 Commitment

This pledge involves making a commitment to achieving your goals by challenging yourself.


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3 Learning Process

All participants must pledge to show respect for the learning process by arriving early, listening and being cognizant of other peoples’ time and space.

4 Self-Confidence

This pledge is the promise to have a can-do attitude and to understand that mistakes happen and are necessary for personal growth.

5 Support

This pledge involves creating and maintaining a supportive atmosphere by working as a team.

R.Evolución Latina programs are fueled by the circle effect, which is a self-sustaining cycle where individuals experience growth and discover their ability to inspire others. Here are the programs they offer:

• Beyond Workshop Series
• D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp
• D2GB Performing Arts
• R.Evolución Latina productions
• R.Evolución Latina Collaborations (with non-Latino organizations)
• Kids Beyond Broadway Program

The R.Evolución Latina productions are unique because they show the complete story of RL's mission by providing a platform for new artists who have supported RL. And they give adult students the opportunity to be part of a project that fosters growth. I love going to the plays, dance festivals, musicals, concerts and music productions!

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