What Temperament Best Describes You?


In case you didn't already know, "temperament is a cluster of inborn traits that causes you, in part, to do what you do." It's often confused with personality but, really, has nothing to do with it. Temperament represents the way a person relates to others and how they tend to respond to events. It is what you have observed and expect someone’s behavior to be, most of the time. There are four different types of temperaments and many different types of temperament blends - which one fits you?

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The Choleric is an extroverted, hot-tempered, quick thinking, strong-willed and easily annoyed person. They are extremely self-confident, self-sufficient and are very opinionated. Their actions almost always have a purpose because they are result-oriented! They can be crusaders against injustices because they love to fight for a cause they believe in. They don't easily empathize with the feelings of others and don't tend to be very compassionate. Basically, Cholerics think big and seek positions of authority.



The Sanguine is an extroverted, fun-loving, impulsive, entertaining, persuasive, easily amused and optimistic person. They are extremely receptive and open to others, which leads to being able to build relationships quickly! Whenever Sanguines meet somebody new, they tend to make them feel as though they've known each other for years, even after only a few minutes. Being so people-oriented, Sanguines have a general dislike for solitude.



The Phlegmatic is an introverted, calm, unemotional, easygoing, never-get-upset, person. They are the easiest type of people to get along with! They live a quiet, routine life, free of the normal anxieties and stresses of the other temperaments. Phlegmatics tend to avoid getting too involved with people and seldom exert themselves with others - they kinda just let things happen. Phlegmatics are very loyal to their friends and communicate a warm, sincere interest in others. They are practical, concrete and traditional thinkers.



The Melancholy is an introverted, logical, analytical, factual, private, let's-do-it-right person. They tend to be reserved and suspicious until they're sure of your intentions. They are self-proclaimed perfectionists and are very sensitive to what others think about their work. So, they constantly need reassurance and feedback. Melancholies also like to be organized; they need information and plenty of time to think of a plan! They tend to have a negative attitude toward things that are not familiar to them because they fear taking a risk, making a wrong decision and then being viewed as incompetent. However, they are very creative and capable people.

There are only four temperaments but it's more useful to describe people in terms of 'temperament blends.' These blends consist of a primary and secondary temperament, such as MelancholicPhlegmatic or CholericSanguine. The order is important; a MelancholicPhlegmatic blend is totally different than a PhlegmaticMelancholic one. The primary temperament describes the most obvious part of a person's personality, while the secondary one just serves to flesh it out in more detail. What kind of temperament/blend do you have?

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I'm a combo of sanguine as phlegmatic


I'm 100% sanguine :)

MelancholicPhlegmatic is me for sure cx

Non of the above

The book Personality Plus goes into more detail of what these types are. There's also a quiz in the beginning of the book that you can take.

Choleric 100%👊

MelancholicSanguine is definitely me!!

MelancholicPhlegmatic totally

But something out of every one

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