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What Makes Your Zodiac Sign Laugh the Most

By Melly

As human beings, one of the greatest pleasures we have is our ability and capacity to laugh. It is true what they say, laughter really is medicine for the soul, and what is most interesting is the ways in which completely different people can be amused and entertained by completely different things. There are million different things that can be described as funny or humorous, but have you ever wondered what it is that might be the very funniest thing in the world to you? Here is what makes you laugh the most according to your zodiac sign!

1 Aries

You are a simple girl at heart, so physical comedy is what really gets you chuckling. There is nothing like seeing someone fall over in the middle of the street in your opinion!

2 Taurus

Old school classics are the thing that makes you laugh the most, whether it’s classic banana skin pranks or old screwball comedy movies.

3 Gemini

You like to be told stories, so going to see a storytelling comedian, or just being in the presence of a funny, intelligent person, tickles your funny bone the most.

4 Cancer

You have a thing for awkward humour. Anything that might make a crowd anxious or cringe is what you absolutely love!

5 Leo

You love the atmosphere of live comedy and the way that it can transform and capture a crowd, so any kind of stand up gig is your favourite thing to experience.

6 Virgo

You have one of the driest personalities out of everyone that you know, so it makes sense that any kind of sarcastic comedy and humour is your go-to.

7 Libra

You have a creative side that you like to indulge, so in terms of comedy, you think it is funniest when it can be cleverly incorporated into musical numbers full of cheeky lyrics.

8 Scorpio

You have an edgy side that you like to explore in your comedy, which usually results in you exploring a much more dark and dangerous style of comedy that is normally celebrated in the mainstream.

9 Sagittarius

You have the kind of intellect that makes you want to push boundaries and challenge people, so the kind of comedy that really gets you laughing is the stuff that pushes the envelope and strays away from convention.

10 Capricorn

The slapstick, silly stuff doesn’t float your boat at all. You find much more enjoyment in the intelligent, dry side of comedy that some people might see as inaccessible, but not you!

11 Aquarius

You are nothing if not a realist, so your taste in comedy leans towards the clever stand-ups and writers who hold up a mirror to society and point out all of our embarrassing flaws.

12 Pisces

You love physical comedy, but physical comedy that takes things to whole other, silly level. Think Deadpool, or even an old school classic like Death Becomes Her!

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