7 Weird National Days That You Might Not Know about ...


Occasionally you hear about some weird national days that are not commonly observed, but to our surprise they are actually really legitimate. Besides the more obvious holidays such as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day, almost every day is an excuse for a celebration because according to the national days calendar, there are reasons for festivities year round. Here are some of the weird national days that we should shed some light on.

1. Opposite Day

Opposite day is an official holiday that is often celebrated on January 25th. During this day the meaning of every word and every action is reversed. For example, if you were to say that you want to go out, on January 25th it would mean that you would rather stay home and enjoy some alone time. In addition, if you were to pinkie swear, that would be the equivalent of crossing your fingers behind your back during a promise. Just imagine how confusing the world would be if every person observed this holiday! Nonetheless it is one of the weird national days that would be enjoyable to participate in.

Festival of Sleep Day
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