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9 Pretty Amazing Dropbox Tricks You Didn't Know about ...

By Corina

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Dropbox, a service which offers online free storage for all your stuff but I bet there are a lot of amazing Dropbox tricks you don’t know about yet, tricks that will help you stay more organized and reduce your digital clutter, turning Dropbox into your favorite backup tool. Dropbox has numerous benefits: it will help you increase your productivity, it will offer you more peace of mind and I’m sure you won’t ever regret signing up for this free file hosting service, which is actually so much more than that. Most people don’t make full use of its incredible services but once you’ll learn these next pretty amazing Dropbox tricks, I’m sure you’ll completely understand the benefits of becoming a Dropbox user.

1 You Can Get More Space for Free

One of the most amazing Dropbox tricks I discovered is the fact that you can actually get plenty of space for storing all your important documents for free. It has its own “get more space”” page where they offer you multiple options to get more space for free like referring your friends, following Dropbox on Twitter or connecting with your Facebook account. Of course, the easiest way is to simply pay for more storage, but why do that when you have some many options to get it all for free?!

2 You Can Favorite Files for Offline Reading

Another amazing trick Dropbox has to offer is the fact that this service allows you to access certain files even if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular service if you previously favorite them on your mobile device using the Dropbox app. This is quite impressive and extremely useful, isn’t it? This trick is very helpful especially when you are traveling because you are able to view that file even when you don’t have Internet access.

3 You Can Recover Deleted Files

If you deleted an important file accidentally, there’s no need to worry if you’re a Dropbox user, since this wonderful service stores previous versions of that document from the last 30 days. Simply go to, find the Show Deleted Files section and then just select your file from the list and open it. It really is that easy!

4 Backup Your Smartphone Photos

This is a very nice Dropbox feature I didn’t even know existed. Apparently, this trick was introduced within the last year. The Dropbox app for Android or iPhone can automatically move a copy of the photos you take with your phone to a folder on the service. In order to enable that, you should check your mobile app’s preferences. This way, you’ll never worry over losing your photos if you break your phone or even if it gets stolen.

5 Publish a Website

I must admit that this feature is really amazing! I didn’t even know this could be done using Dropbox. One of the fantastic things about Dropbox is the fact that by using or DropPages, which are both free services, you can publish a website or a blog right from your Dropbox account. If you want to learn more, you can find out how to do it by visiting the Pancake website and it will offer you all the information you need on this matter.

6 Backup Your Website

With this amazing service you’re not only able to publish a website but you can also back it up. So, from now on, just rest assured because all the information on your website is secured. You can use a service like Backup Box or a plugin to easily back all your data on Dropbox. This trick is extremely useful especially if you’ve worked a lot on building your website and you are concerned about losing all the data because of the servers that host it. Well, no need to worry anymore because you now have Dropbox.

7 Sync Your ITunes Library

Another wonderful feature this service provides is the fact that it can sync your iTunes library between your home and work computers so are able to play your favorite music and videos everywhere. Well, how useful is that? Here is how you can do that: “Just move your iTunes library to a folder in Dropbox. Then hold down the Shift key on a PC, or the Option key on a Mac, when you start iTunes. iTunes will ask for the new location of your library: browse to your Dropbox folder.”

8 Share Big Files and Folders

By using Dropbox, you’ll be able to easily share big files or folders, things that can usually cause you a lot of frustration. Just right click on a file in any of your public folders in Dropbox, and then choose Copy Public Link. The next step you should take is to simply send that particular link to anyone with whom you want to share that file, or you could simply post the link online and they could download that information any time they want. Also, you can share different files or folders, so others can have permanent access to them but you should know that when you work on one of those shared files, they are updated across every person’s folder.

9 Email Files to Dropbox as Attachments

Another wonderful feature of this amazing service is the fact that it allows you to email files as attachments. This trick comes in handy, especially when you don’t have access to Dropbox and it offers you an alternate way to upload the files you want to store safely. You can create an account at and then, you can simply send your files to a custom email address as attachments and they will automatically appear in your Attachments folder in Dropbox.

So, these were some of the most incredible features Dropbox has to offer that will make your work a lot easier. Are you a Dropbox user? What other amazing Dropbox tricks do you know? Please tell us about them!


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