Websites That Will Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...


Websites That Will Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...
Websites That Will Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions ...

To stick to your New Year’s resolutions takes willpower and motivation. That’s why there’s no shame in getting help. It’s better to achieve with help than to fail without. Help comes in various forms, including websites like these:

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Stick to Your Goals

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The website works by having you set a goal, set your stakes, find a referee, and then do it. It is a nice idea, and it may work for some people, especially if you have tried everything else.


Learn and Study Harder

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With this website you set up your own quizzes so you may test yourself on the things you are studying.


Lose Weight by Reducing Your Intake

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Enter the amount of calories you wish to consume during the day, set how many meals you want to eat, name your preferences and click generate to see the meals you should have, including how much fat, carbs and protein they contain.


Follow through on Your Resolutions

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This is a simple tool that sends you an email message that you write, and it does it to hassle you and remind you of things.


Go More Places

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This is a weird website that allows you to track your travels, plan them, and see ratings for them. It is densely packed with information that is difficult to find on other websites.


Become More Productive

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Like many of the websites on this article, this one wants your money. In return, it tracks what you are doing on your computer to give you a view of where you are spending and where you are wasting your time.


Get Fitter and Lose Weight

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This is a website dedicated to fitness, losing weight and putting weight on.


Great Advice on Keeping Your Resolutions

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The article is only short, but it really tells you what you need to hear, especially the bit about perfection. Read it every time you need a pep talk or after you have slipped.


You May Reach Your Best Fitness Goals

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This website covers nutrition, your current fitness, your fitness goals and how you may achieve them. You will have to join in order to use the workouts and motivation functions.


Stop Yourself Being Distracted on the Internet

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This is a website that offers tools you can download that will stop you becoming distracted by websites that usually soak up all of your time.


Cook More or Learn to Cook

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This is a very good and useful website if you fancy eating the sort of stuff you wouldn’t order in a restaurant for fear of wasting money on something you don’t like. They even have a weird take on beans on toast.


Learn New Skills from Other People

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Pay them money for an annual plan, and you can learn new skills from other people. They are only small pre-prepared courses, but may be handy if you are taking up a new career or hobby.


Help Yourself Become More Focused

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You can use this app on a mobile device or on your web browser on your desktop computer. You plant a tree when you start a task, and if you get it done in time then the tree grows.


Keep up with Your Running Goals

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With this tool you log how much running you have done. You trace your route, enter your data and see how you have improved over a series of months and years.


Learn Something Brand New Every Day

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This is a classing new year’s resolution that has a very positive cumulative effect. The website allows you to take courses that last five minutes per day.


Help You Become a Better Writer

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Visit this page every day and it gives you writing prompts. You do have to sign up, but if you do, they will also send you emails with prompts.


Learn How to Speak Another Language

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Pick the language you want to learn and it tries to motivate you with experience points as you learn.

What motivates you most to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you used websites to help?

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