7 Ways to Watch Less Television ...


7 Ways to Watch Less Television ...
7 Ways to Watch Less Television ...

Calling all couch potatoes: if you’ve sat through one too many reruns of “Hoarders” on TLC, there are ways to watch less TV. Here are 7 of my tried and true ways to limit my time in front of the time-sucking machine. Are you ready to turn it off and enjoy the sweet summer air?

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The first surefire way to watch less TV is to invest in a DVR (if you don’t own one already). Program it to record your guilty pleasures –this way, you’ll sit down and watch it on your own terms. And chances are, you’ll forget all about that "Jersey Shore" marathon once you’re enjoying time spent with the girls.


Read for Pleasure

Another way to watch less TV is to stick your nose in a book. It can be anything from a cheesy romance novel to a detailed account of the universe –just make sure it’s something you’re interested in. Bonus points if you take your tomes and an oversized sheet out on the grass!


Go out

Though you’ve probably collected dozens of takeout menus, resist the temptation to order food and devour it in front of the TV. Instead, go out to eat and take your bestie or sibling along with you. After you’re stuffed, take a walk through the park instead of heading straight home. You’ll burn off those calories and give yourself less time to spend with "Judge Judy".


Sign up for a Membership

Still looking for ways to watch less TV? Become a member of a gym or museum and make a trip the next time you feel the pull to turn on the television. By doing something productive and educational, you’ll feel better about yourself –and that’s so much better than gawking at the latest reality show.


Move Your TV

One easy and super effective way to watch less TV is to move it! When I moved my television from my living room and into the kitchenette, I stopped watching so much of it. Get your television away from any cozy spaces like your bed or your couch and you’ll only turn it on when you need to catch the morning news or pieces of a talk show as you wash dishes.


Schedule Hangouts and Phone Calls

Spending less and less time with your girls and more and more time with your TV, fill up that social calendar of yours! Schedule a shopping trip, Skype date with your out-of-state pals, or walk across the beach. You’ll be bidding your TV adieu in no time!


Get a Hobby

The last way to kick that bad TV habit is to find something you’re really, truly interested in. Those hours of television can leave you unfulfilled, but a writing or self-defense class, for example, can help you reach for the stars. So what are you waiting for?

These are 7 of my top ways to watch less TV. Which tips will you follow? Do you have anything to add?

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I got rid of mine and that completely solved this problem :) it was taking up too much of my time and energy!

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