9 Ways to Tone Your Arms ...

If you’re looking for Ways to Tone Your Arms, you’re not alone. After butt and abs, the arms are the most complained-about body parts… who wants flabby arms that keep waving after you’ve stopped? But no worries. Flabby arms can be a thing of the past with these 9 ways to tone your arms. Show of hands: who’s ready to get started and go sleeveless this spring?

1. Push Ups

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Never underestimate the power of the humble push up. According to my personal trainer, push ups in the right form are perhaps the perfect exercise for toning all of your muscle groups. It’s one of the best ways to tone your arms. So what’s the perfect push up look like? There are dozens of kinds of proper push ups, but the key is to keep your back straight.

2. Pull Ups

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Pull ups are another of the ideal ways to tone your arms. Make sure your pull-up bar is securely fastened, and see how many you can do. When I first started toning my arms, I couldn’t do a single one. Now, I can do ten. If at first you can’t do them on your own, use a pull-up machine at the gym, gradually increasing the resistance.

3. Rowing

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Rowing is great non-weight bearing exercise and good cardio, but did you know it’s also one of the best ways to tone your arms? They key is to keep your back straight, and NOT to recline as you pull back. Keep the motion smooth, bringing the «row» motion to your middle, and don’t lean back as you pull.

4. Arm Circles with Dumbbells

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Stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart. Hold a three to five pound dumbbell in each hand, then raise your arms at your sides at shoulder height, and make small circles in one direction for fifteen seconds, then reverse for fifteen seconds. Do three sets.

5. Overhead Triceps Extension

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Hold a three to five pound dumbbell in your right hand. Hold your right hand straight up, above your head, then bend your elbow so the dumbbell is behind your head. Raise it again. Do three sets of twelve.

6. Biceps Curl

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Hold a medium-weight dumbbell (5 to 10 pounds) in each hand, with the «end» on the dumbbell facing up. Slowly bend one elbow at a time, so the dumbbell is touching your shoulder, then «uncurl» your arm so it’s at your waist again. Repeat with the other hand. Do three sets of twelve.

7. Lawn-mower Pulls

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Hold a medium-sized weight (5 to 10 pounds) in your left hand, put your right knee on a bench, and your right arm straight, on the bench, too. Using the same motion you use for starting a lawn mower, «pull» your left hand to your left shoulder. Repeat 2 times, then switch hands. What a burn!

8. Add Some Stretching

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Once you’ve warmed up your muscles with these exercises to tone your arms, add a little stretching. A yoga class would be nice, but if that’s not possible, then just stretch yourself by slowly bending, but never «bouncing.»

9. Don’t Forget the Cardio!

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Cool down with a little cardio, too! I love using the elliptical machine to warm up and cool down, because I feel like I’m still using my arms.

So say good-bye with these ways to tone your arms… I can’t wait to get started! What about you? Which of these exercises will you try first to tone your arms? Or do you have another way to tone your arms you’d like to share? Do tell!

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