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7 Ways to Tell Yourself "I Love You" ...

By Elizabeth

Do you find it hard to find ways to tell yourself 'I love you'? Ladies, we are loving beings by nature. We love our lovers, love our children, love our friends... and yet, we seem to have such a hard time showing love to ourselves. Should you find the time to love yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of living life and loving others, here are a few ways to tell yourself 'I love you.'

1 Take a Bath

No, you don't stink! But a bath is so good for you! And it's one of the cheapest ways to tell yourself 'I love you' too. A good bath has many health benefits and relaxes your mind, body and soul. A perfect treat, wouldn't you say?

2 Have Some Chocolate

Chocolate is good, both to our taste buds and our health. Did you know it is good for your heart and even helps weight loss? Not to mention it helps reduce stress and offers protection from the sun. So next time you want to tell yourself that you love you, eat some delicious dark chocolate!

3 Buy Yourself Something

Every now and then, you must buy something for yourself, rather than everyone else. Once in a while, when you have some extra cash, go out and buy a new outfit or maybe a new piece of jewelry. Maybe even a new set of oh-so-soft-and-comfy sheets for the bed! Now that is a proper 'I love you'!

4 Have a Spa Day

If you have the money to treat yourself to a massage and mani-pedi, go for it. There is nothing so relaxing as a nice day at the spa. Some of us don't always have the money to spend on a day at the spa, but we can have the same treatment at home. Get a babysitter for a few hours, grab some water and towels, nail polish and lotion and pamper away! Girl, you deserve it!

5 Dress up

Rather than dressing up for your husband, or for church, or errands, dress up for yourself for a change, just because you can. I love playing dress up! (Sadly, my hair seems to do better when I have nowhere to go or no one to please than when I do!) Pamper the little girl inside you...

6 Dance

Crank up the tunes and shake that booty! Forget that anyone else exists and just dance. Dancing is quite freeing and renews mind and spirit. It's good exercise too, which is a great thing, right? Feel good and burn some calories... it's a win-win!

7 Tell Yourself That You're Beautiful

Look in the mirror and declare aloud "Hello, beautiful lady! You sure look lovely today!" And believe it! In fact, tell yourself that every day. Never think for one minute that you are ugly or worthless. You're beautiful just the way you are. Don't believe me? Ask one of your children; they'll tell you you're beautiful, and they mean it, too!

We all need a little love. We all need to love ourselves, too. Do you have some ways to tell yourself 'I love you' that I haven't mentioned in this article? If so, I would love to read them in the comment section below!

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