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I Love My Girlfriend

By Laura

When I say "reasons why your girlfriend is amazing", I’m not talking about girlfriend in a romantic sense. I mean your other soulmate - your best friend who’s there for you throughout all the tears, giggles and fun. Whenever I’m feeling down, I remind myself how lucky I am to have my friends. And these are the reasons why I love my girlfriend and she is the GOAT (greatest of all time)!


I think one of the main reasons your girlfriend is amazing is the support she gives you. Okay, so I know this isn’t the most mature approach, but you know when someone has treated you in a way they shouldn’t have, whether that’s at work, with a guy or whatever? You just know that, as soon as you tell them, they’re going to be so angry on your behalf! It makes you feel loved and much more confident when you know you have people to support you.


Sometimes, you just have to be there. I love how I can be having a whole conversation about something but we're actually barely speaking. You just know each other so well that you know exactly what hilarious time the other person is talking about. It's like a secret code between us and one of the many reasons I love my girlfriend.


When your love life isn’t exactly looking like all those romantic chick flicks you’ve watched together, you know you have your best friend there to have a moan with. If you’re feeling down about it, it’s time for a bottle of wine, some killer tracks playing in the background, and a group ranting session. How much better do you feel after that!? Tons I'm sure.


You know how you have friends where you feel like you have to talk all the time and then you have really good friends where you know you can just sit in comfortable silence? Or, you can just blurt something out and you’ll know straight away that she understands, because she knows everything about you? That's my best friend and it's wonderful to have someone to sit in silence with and not feel so alone but not need to speak.


There are those times, mentioned above, when your friend will be outraged on your behalf and all ready to come marching in with the cavalry to help you. But then there will be those times when, actually, MAYBE, you could possibly be the one in the wrong. She’ll tell you, because it’s the right thing to do – it’s like having another, extra moral compass, other than just your own and it's a great reason why I love my girlfriend-because she's so real that it hurts sometimes but I know it's exactly what I need...


There are times when things really aren’t going to plan and, for whatever reason, at that precise moment, you feel awful. If you call up your friend, you know that – no matter what plans she has – she’ll be there as soon as she can.


It’s difficult to trust people; completely and totally trust the; where you know you can tell them anything and they won’t spill the beans, they won’t judge you, they’ll just listen, and help if you need it. That kind of trust doesn’t come very often and it’s special when it does – so treasure it! Loyalty is hard to find so make sure your best friend has it.

Well, these are just some of the reasons why I love my girlfriend and think she's amazing. Sure, I have more than one friend, and probably more than one that fits this, but there's always that top friend that I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without. I feel very grateful for her too because of that. What about you? What is it about your friends that makes you feel lucky to have them?

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