7 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying ...


I decided to sit down recently and consider the different ways to tell if someone is lying. I've been put in plenty of situations where I felt that the person was lying based on a few signs, but was never completely sure until they proved me right. If you're in a dilemma where you're trying to determine if someone is being honest or not, here are seven ways to tell if someone is lying.

1. They Look Away

One of the ways to tell if someone is lying is to look at their face. Facial expressions really do tell a story. A liar would never be able to directly give eye contact. Their eyes may wander, look down, or even stare past you. If they're trying to avoid giving you their full attention, then most likely they're not telling the truth. A person who tells the truth is for the most part engaged.

They Make Fidgeting Movements
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