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Any collectors out there will already know that collecting is a fun and interesting hobby, and there are a few ways to start a collection if you're just starting out that will help ensure that it's a hobby you can really enjoy through the years. There are so many things you can collect and it can become a lifelong interest, so whether you have a penchant for porcelain pigs or a fascination with frog figurines, here are some simple ways to start a collection.

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One of the ways to start a collection is to think about what type of item you're really interested in learning more about. Do you have a special interest in a particular item or an era in history? Often, collections develop organically and without the collector making a conscious decision to become a collector in a field - it just happens. Have a look around your home. Maybe you have already started a collection without even knowing it!



Researching your area is key and you want to become something of an 'expert' in your field. You also want to know what it is you're actually looking for and where to find them, so doing some research is key. You will also need to thoroughly research your items before you buy them as you don't want to waste your money.



Finding space for your burgeoning collection is also important, and you want to keep your items safe. Having your collection to hand easily is important so that you can enjoy it at your leisure and not have to struggle to find your items. If you can find a display case or cabinet, even better. That way the items are protected from the sticky fingers of curious viewers but you can still enjoy them.



Having a budget is important when it comes to your collection. It's easy to get swept away on the collector's wave and want to buy everything you find in that field but remember, this is a hobby and shouldn't cause stress or indeed mean that you need to remortgage your house! Having a budget will make you feel more in control so that your collection doesn't start controlling you.



You can begin a community and network of collectors by using the internet and subscribing to magazines. If it's a real passion and interest, see if there are any blogs out there dedicated to your area and if there aren't, start one up!


Family and Friends

Tell your family and friends what you're interested in collecting, as this will give them some fabulous gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays. They may even have some items that you could start adding to your collection or they may know someone who can help build your collection.



There are many auction sites where you may be able to find your items and you will also be able to find out how much things generally cost. eBay is the most obvious site but again, be sure to do your research and ask the seller many questions about the item so that you know exactly what you're buying.

Becoming a collector is fun and these simple ways should help you become both informed and happy. Is anyone else a collector? What hints and tips do you have for other budding collectors out there?

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