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7 Ways to Reignite Your Passion at Work Today ...

By Donatella

If you have been feeling sluggish or unmotivated at work, fear not because there are ways to reignite your passion at work! This feeling is bound to hit everyone at one point or another and the main reason is because you get comfortable. To reignite your passion at work, follow these simple steps and you’ll be reconnected in no time!

1 Reconnect with Your Strengths

One of the best and most effective ways to reignite your passion at work is to reconnect with your strengths. Clearly you were hired because of your strengths and because of what you bring to the table – don’t lose sight of how special and valued you are! If you work with clients in your position, they, too, clearly value you otherwise they wouldn’t be doing business with you. When was the last time you celebrated your strengths? Maybe you’ve just lost sight of them. Make a list of what you know makes you awesome and remind yourself every single morning!

2 Challenge the “Norm” in the Office

Chances are you are not the only one feeling stuck in your position; other people in the office may be hoping for a change around the office or wishing something exciting could just happen. Why don’t you think outside the box for once and come up with a new and creative way to do something? If you don’t rise up and take a stand, maybe nobody else will. Be the first one to do something bold in the office!


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3 Learn Something New Once a Week

Learning something new is always exciting and can add spice to your life! If you are a creature of habit like me, you probably find comfort in keeping things uniform and structured at work. Start off small. Change the color-coding in your email or planner; read a news article as soon as you sit down in the morning; Google something during your lunch break that you’ve always wanted to know about. It could be anything!

4 Connect with Your Co-Workers

Waking up, going to work, and then going home can be extremely boring and repetitive if you don’t have friends in the office. You shouldn’t have to feel outcast or unaccepted in your group at work. Try connecting with people on your floor or stick with the co-workers in your age group. You guys don’t have to be BEST FRIENDS but at least engaging in small talk will entertain you throughout the day and who knows, you could potentially meet a special someone or find your next new BFF!

5 Go Back to the Basics

When you doubt the reasons for starting and working at your company, take some time to go back to the basics. What made you select this job in the first place? What did you LOVE about the position? What exciting personal growth did you see in the company? Write down an answer to this question – write down the FIRST thing that comes to mind: “I started doing this job because I…” Your answer will be your guide; your gut intuition will spark the interest back in you if you are truly meant to stay there and you will fall in love with your position all over again.

6 Make a List of What Has Been Bringing You down

In order to pinpoint why you’re feeling less motivated, you must get in tune with your emotions and figure out what has been bringing you down. Be as detailed as you’d like. Do you feel claustrophobic because of the mess on your desk that’s affecting your work? Do you have a personal issue with someone on your team? Once you have a list, divide the list into things you can’t change and things you can change. Great quote to remember: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

7 Find a Mentor

Mentors are people who have been there, done that…so why wouldn’t you want to reach out? Connect with someone who can show you the ropes, introduce you to others who are in a higher up position, and who can offer advice. The goal is to be given the opportunity to observe someone who has been successful in the field you’re in. Watching your mentor speak about the position and introduce you to others in the office will certainly spark a fire in your heart and reignite your passion!

Fall in love with your job all over again! By following these steps, you will get more in tune with your inner businesswoman and go back to work energized tomorrow. How will you reignite your passion at work?


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