7 Ways to Re-energize Your Job Search ...


When there are no new interviews or leads, and you feel like giving up, itโ€™s time to look at ways to re-energize your job search. Looking for work can be a fatiguing process; not physically, unless you are tramping the streets, but mentally. You need a positive attitude, but in the face of little encouragement or constant rejection, it certainly isnโ€™t easy. Itโ€™s so important to persevere, so when youโ€™ve reached the point when you need a little fillip, here are some ways to re-energize your job search.

1. Rewrite Your Resume

If your resume is limited (you may have just left full time education), there may not be much material to work with, but you have to maximize what is there to make it work for you. One of the ways to re-energize your job search is to completely rewrite your resume. Some industry experts say you should write your CV for every application but this is terribly time-consuming. A more reasonable approach is to have different types of CVs. It is worth having a skills based resume, an experience based resume and one that concentrates on your achievements. In a resume, we generally try and get in all these things, which means that sometimes it might be diluted. If you read job advertisements carefully, you can usually pick up a few clues as to what kind of focus the employer is looking for and you can apply with the relevant style of CV.

Spring Clean Your Cover Letter
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