7 Ways to Love Your Body More ...


7 Ways to Love Your Body More ...
7 Ways to Love Your Body More ...

No matter who you are, there are ways to love your body more. From magazines that invent bodily flaws to the diet pills lining drugstore shelves, it can be a tough feat to be comfortable with our physical appearances. Nevertheless, it is possible to love the skin you’re in. With these 7 tips, you’ll be well on your way to a better body image in no time!

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Stay Positive

One of the first ways to love your body is to keep the discussion around it positive. Don’t participate in body bashing and discourage your friends from making negative comments about their own physical appearances. Gather your best pals together and create a list of everything you love about your bodies and form a pact to stop obsessing over the numbers on the scale. Getting your friends involved will make the process easier on all of you, so start making those phone calls, stat!


Find Role Models

Even if your friends are generally body positive, we’re constantly surrounded by everything from “thinspiration” to completely unrealistic portrayals of everyday women. But there are role models out there whose work can inspire you to see your body for the beautiful creation it is. To start, check out healthyisthenewskinny.com, a website run by plus-size model Katie Halchishick that promotes healthy images and self-esteem. Other great resources include adiosbarbie.com and loveyourbody.nowfoundation.org. Get clicking!



Another way to love your body is to give it the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Can’t get to the gym? Slip into your running shoes and hit the sidewalk. Even if you’re simply taking a 30 minute power walk, getting off of the couch is what counts.


Eat Well

Believe me, I enjoy dessert as much as the next girl and I don’t do diet food. But I always make sure to stock up on fruits and veggies and eat in moderation. Remember: Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean she’s healthy on the inside. So, give your body the nutrients it needs to look and feel its best.


Treat Yourself

An often overlooked way to love your body is to treat it well. You may have gotten the exercise and healthy eating down, but when was the last time you enjoyed a bubble bath or luxurious body lotion? I’d recommend indulging in a little treat every once in a while to show your body how much you really care. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, rub your arms and legs down with moisturizer, strip down, and lie next to your honey. The rest is up to you.


Take up a Hobby

It can be all too easy to obsess over your appearance when you’re hanging around in your pajamas every weekend. But if you dedicate your time and effort to making positive change, you won’t have time for self-hate. If you love to write, for example, enroll in a fiction course or start your search for freelance opportunities. Don’t know where to start? Try volunteering at your local church or nonprofit while you figure it out. Doing something productive will help you realize that you’re so much more than what’s on the outside!


Compliment Someone else

One last way to love your body is to help another gal feel good about her own. If we can point out the amazing qualities in others, we can start to look for them in ourselves. So what are you waiting for?

These 7 tips will have you well on your way to body love. Which tips do you plan to follow? Do you have any of your own to add to the mix?

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