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7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day and Leave Yesterday behind ...

By Ebangha

When life gets a bit hard or even redundant, you find yourself looking for ways to jumpstart your day. It may be that you are that college girl pulling all-nighters. Maybe you’re an “on-the-go” mom and things are more than a bit crazy in the mornings. Perhaps, you really are not a morning person. Whatever the case, these few pointers will give you more than a few ways to jumpstart your day and take a real bite out of success.

1 Early to Bed!

One of the surest ways to jumpstart your day is to get a good night’s rest in the night before. Sleep is a time where our bodies can renew and re-energize. Do not take that advantage away from yourself. A site such as can help determine the proper amount of sleep for you. All of the information is just a click away.

2 Forgiveness

Many times, people walk around with the troubles of yesterday heavily burdening them. I say it is high time to let go of it all. If someone wronged you on 8/29, do not wait until 8/30 to forgive them. You have limited time each day, so choose the things you invest your energy in wisely. Forgiveness is an easy way to jumpstart your day with an open heart.

3 List It out

This tip goes out to anyone who has really needed to get tasks done in the morning only to wake up and forget them all. Why not make a list of everything that you need to get done? You can organize them by importance and tackle them as you go. This way no task goes unnoticed. You will even feel a sense of accomplishment once you have completed a majority of them.

4 Breakfast Brings out the Best in Us

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons. One of those reasons is that we don’t want to be the one with the loud tummy growls. Another is that it has been proven that a good healthy breakfast can make us eat less during the day and aid in weight loss. Plus, if you do not eat breakfast, you might spend your time concentrating on how hungry you are. Do yourself a favor and eat a good, healthy breakfast. Even if you have to make your own pre-packaged breakfasts, do it. It can only make your life easier.

5 Work It out (with a Sweat!)

Did you know that you are not supposed to workout before you go to sleep? That is because exercise can make the body heat up. In order to signal the “sleep mode,” we have to be in a cooler than normal state. So in a way, exercising before starting your day can be that cup of coffee that we all reach for.

6 Lunch to GO

Packing my lunch is a trick that I always use to jumpstart my day. For one, I love to cook, so that is always fun. Also, knowing that you won’t have to scavenge for lunch is great. This allows you to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

7 Do Everything with a Smile

Now, I have heard that if you smile no matter what, you will maintain a certain degree of happiness no matter what. I think the same can be said about keeping a positive mentality. Start your day with the mindset that “no-one, thing or event can ruin my happiness.” Take every moment in stride and really work on keeping things positive.

Take a moment to really go through these tips, then don’t forget to use them! These few tips can really help you power through your day. Do you have a few ways to jumpstart your day that aren’t mentioned?

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