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When it comes to the ways to handle stress for your online classes, the principles are the same as for handling stress caused by going to school. The triggers might be slightly different because there are differences between going to class and studying online, but the goals are the same: time to study, time to do assignments, and the pressure of getting decent grades. Online students and college students may be in a similar boat of having to work to fund their studies, while an online student may also have family commitments that add more pressure. Essentially though, the ways to handle stress for online students are as for classroom students - finding ways to juggle and cope.

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Proper Planning Will See You through

One of the best ways to handle stress is to plan correctly and put a little structure in your life. Create a plan for the day or for your studies and follow it to the letter. Make sure you do not move from one aspect until you have finished the other. Create plans for every scenario where you may become stressed. You will see how the stress disappears as you move confidently knowing how long a task will take, and what you have to do next. You may even comfort yourself by crossing things off a list to show yourself that you are getting things done.


Ask for Help Sooner Rather than Later

An increasing amount of stress may build if you do not ask for help soon enough. You will find yourself falling further and further behind, or you will find the work harder and harder. It is unlikely that you are first person to ever ask for help on the subject that is stressing you out, so do not be shy to ask. Remember that the online tutor and online classes are supposed to be there to help you with this stuff.


Being Overtired and Overworked Makes Things Seem Worse

Every problem balloons when a person is overtired and sometimes when they are overworked. If you are feeling particularly stressed, then have two or three hours sleep and come back to the object of your stress. You may feel a little too buzzed to sleep, but if you are stressed then there is a chance you will drop off for an hour or two. You will wake up feeling a lot better.


Write in Detail about the Thing You Are Stuck on

Write it down as if you had to teach it to an alien. Doing this will help to open up the subject, and for some reason we learn better when we write as if others are supposed to learn from us. Do this and the thing you are stuck on and that is causing you trouble may not stress you out so much. This is one of the lesser known ways to handle stress but can be very effective.


Your Emotions Are What Are Causing the Problems

Stress (if it exists) is only a reaction to your inner voice by your emotions. People are very good at winding themselves up into an emotional state over nothing. If your studies are new ground then an emotional detachment may be hard. Just remember that it is not your conscious mind that is causing the stress in most cases, so all you have to do is master your animal emotions.


Read through the Chapters Even Though You Don’t Comprehend Them Yet

If you are stuck on a certain part and it is stressing you out, read through the entire chapter. It may not make sense to you, but the more you do it then the more you will understand. It also helps you to narrow down the exact place where the text loses you. All you then need to do is look online for an alternate wording of what you are reading and your mind will start to connect the dots and you will start to understand more clearly. Do not underestimate how difficult a certain phrase or piece of wording can make an otherwise simple concept.


Stop Relying on Stress Relief Techniques

There are lots of books and online articles that detail ways to handle stress, but what many people do not realize is that they condition themselves to be stressed. For example, a person may be known to smoke to relieve stress, but they end up subconsciously making themselves stressed or subconsciously provoke stress so that they may enjoy a smoke. If you rely on stress relief techniques then it is just like rewarding yourself for becoming stressed. Stressing about stress only piles on the agony.

A huge part of conquering stress as an online student is developing a positive mental attitude. You’ll have thought long and hard before you signed up for your course so you must have been confident you could succeed. Have belief in yourself, get organized, get help when you need it and move forward positively. Have you experienced stress as an online student? How did you overcome it?

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