7 Ways to Get Your Boss to like You ...


If those shiny red apples haven’t worked (they never will), here are several ways to get your boss to like you. Whether your manager is laid back or obsesses over every detail, there are easy ways to be the star of her team. With these 7 tips, you’ll be in your boss’ good graces –and up for a promotion in no time!

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Ask for Feedback

You’ll never know until you ask, so after you’ve finished that big project, check in with your boss. If you’ve done a perfect job, go ahead and treat yourself to a latte. But if your manager has a few suggestions up her sleeve, listen carefully and implement them next time. I’ve done this and guess what? It works every time!



Good news: this is a practically foolproof way to get your boss to like you! First, identify and emulate her work style. For example, if your manager looks at every detail, always keep her in the loop about what you’re working on. And if the two of you share similar passions or interests, don’t be afraid to point it out. Just don’t expect to become office BFFs –you have a job to do, remember?


Admit when You’re Wrong

You should learn from mistakes, not waste time and energy trying to cover them up! If you want to get your boss to like you, never lie. Instead, be direct and tell her what you did wrong. Will she be upset? Maybe, but she’ll also appreciate your honesty. And we’ve all made mistakes. What separates a great employee from the rest of the pack is learning from them.


Be Punctual

One of the simplest ways to get your boss to like you is showing up to work prepared and on time. Even five minutes could make all the difference. I’m not a morning person, so I set three alarms to wake up on time. But it’s so worth it! If your employer is paying your salary, arriving even a little bit late can reflect poorly on your boss. And you definitely don’t want that to happen!


Stay Organized

Always keep your desk clean, your files organized, and create folders so you can access your work quickly. It’ll show your boss that you’re the type of employee who is totally on top of things. My apartment tends to be a hot mess, but my office desk? Sparkling. But we won’t tell my manager that.


Get over It

The best way to get your boss to like you is to let the little things go. Remember: your manager is far from perfect, just like the rest of us. So, if she has a mini freak-out, take it in stride. She’ll thank you later, I promise.


Stop Trying Too Hard

If you’ve been hanging around the office afterhours or follow your boss around with a notepad, stop right now! Pulling a late night once in a while is commendable, but staying late all the time will affect your performance. And your manager might even wonder why you always need extra time to complete your duties. So, write down only what’s important and go home and relax when the workday is done. You deserve it!

Getting your boss to like you isn’t an impossible feat! Which tips will you try tomorrow morning? What are some ways you’ve gotten your boss to favor you?

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I have over time- worked my way up with the boss. When I started my new job I was obviously low-woman on the pole.. So, Whenever new oppurtunities arrised, I jumped. I always like to stay organized at work.. (when in fact my house is a completely different story) But when other employees call me and ask me to pull files, or ask a question I'm quick with a response. BE FLEXIABLE- your boss/employer will love you... When you're able to stay late, come in early, work unexpected. You will not suceed in a buisness if you're always complaining about other plans and why you can't do it.

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