8 Ways to Get a Head Start on Your College Search ...


Getting a head start on your college search is key in getting into your dream college. Schools like to see that you are actively looking for a college or university to apply to and hopefully attend. Showing them that you are getting a head start lets them know that you are determined and ready to start to your future college life! And it’s never to early to start! Here are some fantastic ways to get a head start on your college search!

1. Take the PSAT

The PSAT is a great way to get ahead on your college search. Not only will you get great practice for the SAT but you can opt to receive emails and letters from interested colleges and programs. It’s always helpful to have colleges send you emails and letters to make sure you get the latest info. Plus, if you receive letters by mail too, you can keep them in a box and go through each college one by one! And it’s a great way to stay organized too!

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