2. Meditation...

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You do not have to sit in the traditional cross-legged sitting position to meditate. In fact, yoga is considered a form of meditation by some. Others find a walk in nature to be a form of meditation. I have found that when I do meridian tapping that I have a similar sensation as when I meditate. You are likely to find an increase in your energy levels, an increase in your ability to focus and concentrate, a release of tension in your body and a sense of peace. Deep breathing during meditation increases the oxygen supply just as yoga does. It also helps relax you and may lower your heart rate. You can develop your intuition as you continue to practice meditation and as you begin to uncover the connection to God, the Divine, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever or whoever you want to connect with. You can spend five minutes a day meditating or you can meditate from dawn to dusk. It really is up to you and what feels right to you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation. If you think you would like guided meditation, check out the guided meditation link below.

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