7 Ways to Cope with Critical Family Members ...


Unfortunately, every one of us has to deal with at least a couple of critical family members. While they love you, their critical nature can be frustrating and upsetting. If you happen to be the target of their judgment, it may be tempting to become defensive. However, there are much better ways of coping with critical family members than becoming defensive and hostile. The following methods of coping will allow you to maintain your dignity and preserve the peace in the face of someone being critical.

1. Ignore Them

If you have family members who are being judgmental of your decisions, you can choose to ignore them. You don’t have to respond to their judgments. This method of coping with critical family members works best when you're at large family gatherings and the person being critical is a part of your extended family. While this coping method is situation specific, it's extremely effective because it allows you to have the chance to walk away.

Stop the Conversation
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