7 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues ...


The lights are down, the trimmings put away, the calories have been eaten with gusto, and now the only thing left to do is find some ways to beat the post-holiday blues. While it may seem like you are in the midst of the dreariest part of the year, there’s actually a lot of sparkle still to experience. Follow these ways to be the post-holiday blues, and you’ll be in the pink in no time!

1. Get Back into the Swing ASAP!

One of the most effective ways to beat the post-holiday blues is to get your groove back. Besides, how many Christmas rum cakes can we drink…er, eat anyway? Were you going to the gym a solid three to four times a week before letting the December good times roll? Hop back on the treadmill with the same gusto with which you ate Aunt Meg’s mashed potatoes. Were you making it a point to play with your pet an extra ten minutes before work everyday? Pick up that squeaky thingamajig that scares you every night on your way to the bathroom, and give little Pookie some quality time. Getting back to your old routine will help you to remember that the fun doesn’t end when the holidays do.

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