Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Chinese New Year Greeting in Mandarin ...


In case you werenโ€™t aware, Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin and speaks it well! The Facebook CEO and new dad says he learned to speak Chinese from wanting to communicate with his in-laws who speak Mandarin and also to help understand another culture.

In this video featured on Zuckerberg was joined by his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan and their daughter Maxima in the video. The couple wished followers โ€œhappiness, health, and good fortune,โ€ in Mandarin and also shared their daughter Maxโ€™s Chinese name, Chen Mingyu. "Chen after her mother's family name and Mingyu represents our hope for a brighter tomorrow for the world."
Watch the familyโ€™s adorable video below!

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That was so good it seemed as though it was perfectly voiced over by someone else!

Wow, no one comments on these... Echooooo echooo echo

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