17 One-Line Stories to Absolutely Blow You Away ...


An author doesn't have to sit down at their desk night after night, creating a novel filled with thousands of pages and even more words. Short stories can be just as intense as a trilogy. In fact, stories with only a couple of words can be just as intense as a trilogy. To prove it, here are a few one-line stories that are bound to blow you away once you read them:

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If you've ever been rejected by your crush, or dumped by the boy that you loved, then you'll understand exactly what this feels like.


Wrong Number

Have you ever called up someone from your past, wishing that you could reconnect, only to be turned away? It's a heartbreaking experience to realize they don't actually want you in their life anymore.


Cold Coffee

You never know how your crush is feeling. He might be missing you as much as you miss him.


This one-line story is about a person missing their crush and not knowing how they feel in return. It is a reminder that no matter how much we may miss someone, we may never know how they feel in return. This story is a reminder that we should not take someone's silence as a sign of disinterest, as they may be just as in love with us as we are with them. This story is a reminder that we should never give up hope on the possibility of love.


I Love You

It's hard to comprehend why someone who once claimed that they loved you would end up leaving, cheating, or completely screwing you over.


My Soulmate

It's a sad thought, but you might not be your soul mate's soul mate. You might just be another face in the crowd to them.


Stranger's Smile

Sometimes, things actually do work out. A simple smile from a stranger could end up changing your entire life.


An Empty Bed

One of you might be crying yourself to sleep while the other is sleeping around. But that doesn't mean that one of you is more miserable than the other.



Sometimes, love will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Sometimes, love will make you feel like the ugliest woman in the world.


Trust Me

Some people just aren't meant to be trusted. They lie through their teeth, and they're never going to feel bad about it.


Introduced to Heaven

It's funny how the person who makes you smile the widest will eventually make you cry the hardest.



You shouldn't forgive someone, just because you love them. That's an easy way to get your heart broken.


The Arms

We all want to be held in someone's arms. That's why it's so depressing when the only thing we have to hold is a pillow.


I Love You

It sucks to be told this once and only once. It means that something went horribly wrong.


The End

Sometimes, a man will leave your life without saying goodbye. He'll just get up and go without a word, and you'll be forced to live with his selfish actions.


Love Songs

This is the most empowering thing you can say after a breakup. It means that you're finally over your ex for good.



Have you ever fallen in love with a close friend? It can turn into a pretty messy situation.


Dead Husband

This is a great piece of fiction. Doesn't it give you the creeps?

These one-liners prove that you don't have to type up an entire novel in order to create something worth reading. Which one of these stories hit you the hardest?

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Good but very depressing

Being there

Or some times he gets so fed up and tries so hard he is driven to it


Good but making me miss someone I don't even know lol

Good ones

thanks beautiful

Or our cat

To forgive yes to forget no karma

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