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7 Viners to Follow for a Daily Dose of Entertainment ...

By Vladlena

If you are new to Vine, you will have no problem finding entertaining Viners to follow. Vine is filled with up-and-coming musicians, comedians, actors or just creative individuals with a little too much time on their hands. With so many creative minds on the app, it is hard not to get addicted to the 6-second clips. Trust me once you start scrolling through your feed, there is no end of it! To prove it, here is a list of Viners to follow and check out.

1 Brittany Furlan

With approximately 6 million followers, Brittany Furlan is like the first lady of Vine. She is one of the first lucky Viners, who rose to the top early on and earned a celebrity status. Brittany Furlan has a hilarious sense of humor that she often uses against strangers by putting them in awkward and often creepy situations, all for Vine! She should be on top of your Viners to follow list.

2 Nash Grier

At just 15-years old, Nash Grier has already found his calling, which is Vine. In just a short period of time, he became an Internet sensation with a groundbreaking 7.4 million followers! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist the relatable Vines filled with fresh humor and his adorable little sister, Skylar.

3 UstheDuo

While Vine may not be the ideal place for musicians, nonetheless it offers upcoming stars some exposure to the public. For example, the talented twosome, UstheDuo appealed to their audience by producing six-second covers of hit songs and after a while, their popularity blew up! Currently, the couple produce unbelievable covers while working on their original music on the side.

4 Liane V

Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman with an awesome sense of humor? Liane V is a natural entertainer with limitless abilities. She is not afraid to laugh at herself and crack a few jokes here and there. Plus, you have to see her shake her booty with her own father to the most popular jams.

5 Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is another teen sensation that works closely with Nash Grier on his Vine content. The two make pop culture references, skits, clever jokes and pretty much anything that will make their followers smile. While the two are loyal to their home app Vine, the two have also became part of the YouTube community.

6 KingBach

Andrew Bachelor, also known as KingBach is becoming comedy’s next big thing. With 6.3 million subscribers on his Vine, he has blown up to unexpected proportions. Currently his channel includes numerous skits, collaborations and other hilarious clips that you don’t want to miss out on.

7 Jerome Jarre

Jerome Jarre is known for his bubbly personality, thick French accent and the tendency to do daring things to strangers for his own amusement. You can see all of those things captured on video on this Vine that currently has 5.4 million followers. The guy has done so well for himself that he even had an appearance on Ellen. Now that says something!

Vine is slowly establishing itself as one of social media apps that is here to stay, which is now hard to do with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter dominating the Internet. However with the crazy amount of hilarious original content that Viners have put out, Vine is making a name for itself. Who is one of your favorite Viners worth following?

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