Vegan Instagrammers Who'll Inspire You Every Day ...


Vegan Instagrammers Who'll Inspire You Every Day ...
Vegan Instagrammers Who'll Inspire You Every Day ...

When you make the lifestyle choice to go completely vegan, it can sometimes be helpful and motivational to find online figures and influencers who are big into veganism too. Being able to see and interact on social media platforms that are dedicated to something that you are passionate about can be really inspiring and helpful, and with something like veganism, it can provide you with lots of cool new ideas to incorporate into your own life. Here are some vegan Instagrammers who will inspire you every day!

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Kristen Leanne

human hair color, beauty, black hair, girl, neck, @kristenxleanne

An animal activist with a penchant for vibrantly coloured hair, Kristen Leanne should be your number one pick for finding inspiration to live a cruelty-free beauty lifestyle. She gives amazing tutorials and really honest reviews of vegan products.


Monami Frost

fashion model, beauty, black hair, neck, girl, @monamifrost

Monami is the author of a wonderful vegan cookbook and just happens to be a super stylish mother and CEP of Frost Street Wear at the same time! One particularly great thing that she does is journal her vegan eating plans for everyone to see, along with helpful beauty tutorials.


PlantFaced with Em-J

book, library, long hair, brown hair, hair coloring, @emj_mua

Em-J is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup artist at the top of her game. She has been a committed vegan for two years now and launched a channel on YouTube called PlantFaced. It’s the perfect resource for finding ethically-sound products and sensational tutorials.


Kicki Yang Zhang

eyebrow, face, lip, human hair color, chin, @kickiyangz

Based in Berlin, Germany, Kicki is a 22-year-old fashionista with a passion for art and vegan food! You can follow her to stay on top of all of the best beauty products that she finds, as well as her iconic fashion tutorials!


Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick

hair, eyebrow, blond, human hair color, beauty, @kelseyannaf

Kelsey is a really inventive and eccentric cruelty-free makeup artist who presents a range of stunning and interesting looks, all with the help of vegan-approved products. She is actually a member of famous tattoo artist Kat Von D’s makeup artistry collective.



human hair color, beauty, eyebrow, hairstyle, black hair, @madewin

Madewin is a video maker based in LA, and she loves to evoke a vintage style in all of her looks but using the most contemporary and ethically sound vegan products. Follow for tips on sustainable fashion as well as her YouTube channel that presents all of her best vegan picks.


Kiera Rose

human hair color, eyebrow, beauty, girl, shoulder, @_kiera_rose_

Kiera is a committed vegan who hosts weekly chats where she answers all and any vegan related questions that her fans might have. She covers everything from vegan fashion to vegan makeup to vegan food, which makes her channel a great place for tips for beginners to the vegan lifestyle.


Teri Miyahira

beauty, eyebrow, black hair, hair coloring, long hair, @terimiyahira

A simple vlogger turned big brand boss, Teri has been charting her journey to green beauty for a long time now. One of the highlights of her platforms has been her department store vegan and cruelty-free beauty pick videos, really helping those who need recommendations!

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