8 Instagram Lifestyle Accounts That Will Give You FOMO ...


8 Instagram Lifestyle Accounts That Will Give You FOMO ...
8 Instagram Lifestyle Accounts That Will Give You FOMO ...

When it comes to Instagram, there are the accounts that you follow because they are your family and friends, accounts that you follow because they are your favourite celebrities, and then there are the accounts that you follow because they give you a glimpse in the kind of lifestyle that right now you could only dream of! It’s true that we only ever share the positive aspects of our existences online, but sometimes it is just nice to indulge in a spot of escapism! Here are some Instagram lifestyle accounts that will give you major FOMO.

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Janni Olsson Deler (@jannid)

Janni is a fashion blogger who gives her 1.3 million followers regular glimpses in to her luxurious lifestyle. Unlike many ‘influencers’ out there, she doesn’t take herself too seriously at all, and her posts are always filled with fun that you definitely want to be a part of!


FullyRawKristina (@fullyrawkristina)

As the name suggests, Kristina is a health nut and lifestyle Instagrammer who has a focus on everything raw. She has more than a million followers who are interested in her adventures, not to mention the amazing raw recipes and ideas that she regularly shares.


Naima Barcelona (@instanaimabarcelona)

Naima has been praised in the past for having one of the most natural, unedited feeling Insta pages in the lifestyle blogging department. There is something very real feeling about her posts, and she opens up on lots of different topics thanks to her creative freelancing.


Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho)

Camila Coelho is a Brazilian beauty blogger boasting 7.2 million followers. She posts tips on beauty, makeup, and fashion in both English and Portuguese. She’s also known for providing travel tips to promote tourism in her native country Brazil as well as other South American countries.


Larissa Dsa (@larissa_wlc)

One of the best things about Larissa is her commitment to interacting with her followers. She doesn’t just post beautiful pictures for the likes, she actually makes more of an effort to reply to comments and really listen to what you guys have to say.


Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

Cassey Ho was voted as one of the Top 10 Fitness Influencers by Forbes Magazine. She’s a major hit on IG where she regularly posts workout tips, explainer videos, and inspirational messages.


Jessie Chanes (@jessiekass)

Jessie has had a little bit of everything on her profile over the years, posting things on fashion, food, lifestyle and even maternity. She is currently one of the up and coming figures in the world of the ‘mommy influencer’!


Laura Noltemeyer (@designdshcungel)

Laura is a German-based lifestyle blogger who loves nothing more than to travel the world and explore the cultures and fashion of all corners of the globe. She has a really relatable feel that draw people to her.

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