7 Unfortunate Struggles of Contact Lens Wearers ...

By Vladlena

Even in their earliest days contacts were a blessing in disguise for those with impaired sight - but still, all contact lens wearers know that every solution to a vision problem comes with a drawback or two. Yes, we no longer have to push up our glasses or constantly wipe the lenses clean, but we now have to poke our eyeballs on a daily basis and deal with the fact that we basically have glass sitting on our eye. We should be forever grateful to be able to even see, but let’s take this moment to share all of the small struggles contact lens wearers have to face.

1 Getting Them in for the First Time

I think all of the contact lens wearers agree that the worst part about correcting your vision with contacts is learning how to put them in for the first time. With no skill or previous experience and with common sense saying that poking your eye might hurt, first time users all have a hard time. Personally it took me about two hours at the optometrist to finally succeed, but I’ve heard of others who've struggled to put them in for as long as 24 hours!

2 Dealing with Dryness

Normal people usually don’t have this problem, but all of people with contact lenses can relate to dry eyes. While they're not painful, dry eyes make it uncomfortable to blink and even harder to try to slide off your contacts at the end of the night. They can even cause redness and make you look like you haven’t slept in two weeks.

3 Dropping Your Contact Lens

While I have yet to experience this, all of my friends have told me stories of how one of their contact lenses would fall out at the most inconvenient time and they would have to crawl on the floor just to find it. And you may know how hard it is to find something small once it falls, but imagine how hard it is when that thing is clear and you are half blind!

4 Avoiding Taking Naps

I am a big napper, especially when school is in session - or at least I used to be, when I didn’t use contacts. However, naps are now off limits, because taking contacts out and putting them back in is not worth it and sleeping in contacts is an even worse idea! I guess you always have to sacrifice some things in order to gain something else.

5 Falling Asleep with Contacts

Continuing with the topic of sleep, we can all admit that we have slept with contacts in at least once and then of course regretted it the next morning due to the bloodshot eyes. However, there are some days after a long and hectic schedule, when you are too lazy to remove your makeup or take out your contact lenses, so you just crawl into your bed and knock out. It happens to all of us and well… it sucks!

6 Putting Contacts inside out

Oh, the pain that you feel when your contacts are inside out! I think we can all relate to this because even veteran contact wearers have made the same mistake. Just make sure to check the edges of your contacts before you put them in because even thinking about it makes my eyes tear!

7 Finding Glasses after Taking Contacts out

Remember all of those times when you forgot to bring your glasses with you before you took out your contacts? You had to then blindly navigate yourself through the house and try to feel everywhere for them! You might have stabbed your toes a few times too… Yep, that wasn’t fun!

However, all of the complaints aside, contacts are an amazing invention that allows those who cannot see to have somewhat perfect vision without resorting to bothersome glasses. So if you have not made an upgrade to contacts, do it! It will be the best decision you have made for your eyes! Now, would you like to share some of your most memorable moments of having to deal with contact lenses?

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