7 Unfortunate but True Signs a Friendship May Be over ...


Sometimes the signs a friendship may be over are difficult to see. We want to keep our friends for life, or at least be able to support each other. However, sometimes this simply isn't possible. It might be because of a major clash, the development of a “replacement” friendship or simply because the friendship has reached the end of its cycle. Whatever the reason, it can be really difficult to move on when we feel a major relationship in our lives has ended. But how can you tell? How do you know it's over? How can you tell if you should try to save your friendship, or if you should just throw in the towel? Hopefully you'll never need them, but here are some of the signs a friendship may be over.

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She Never Seems to Have Time to See/talk to You

Do you feel as though you're being pushed aside? One of the biggest signs a friendship may be over is avoiding each other. Sure, we're all busy, but people who want to be around us don't turn down our invitations without making an alternate plan, or at least *trying* to.


You Don't Have Anything in Common Anymore...

...or there's something major you don't have in common. This can happen when someone gets married, has kids or just moves away. Your priorities have changed, and suddenly you don't have anything to talk about; your lives just aren't as parallel as they once were. This isn't saying that you can't still be friends so much as that sometimes, your lives turn in opposite directions. Make an effort to keep in contact, but don't beat yourself up if this happens.


You Get on Each Other's Nerves

This isn't to say that you will never be annoyed with a friend. However, do you seem to spend a lot of your time together being irritated with each other, whether overtly or not? Do you remember why you liked them to begin with? Is that still there? If not, is there something to replace it? If not, perhaps it's time to let go.


There's a “black Cloud” over You

This differs from the above in that you're not irritated so much as awkward. Do you enjoy spending time together, or does it feel like a chore? Does conversation come naturally, or does it feel forced? Does she act like she doesn't want to be there? Does it always feel like something's wrong, even if you're not sure what? You should enjoy being with your friends, not dread it.


You're Rude or Critical of Each Other

Is she inconsiderate or rude when she wasn't before? Does she always find fault with you? I once had a friend who was really close to me for several years, but for some reason she just stopped talking to me. It wasn't accidental; she would deliberately ignore me by directing everything to the person I was with and act like she didn't hear me when I spoke to her. While you don't necessarily have to walk on eggshells (which goes into #4), you shouldn't upset each other. If it happens, you should at least *care*.


You're (intentionally) Left out of Things

When I say “intentionally”, I'm talking about motivation. For instance, one friend of mine prefers to spend time with people one-on-one rather than in a group. She's more introverted that way. Also, sometimes your friend might not ask you to do something if she knows you're not interested or otherwise wouldn't be able to go. However, if you're never asked to do anything or left out of something your friend knows you'd want to be part of, that could be a problem.


You're Not There for Each Other Anymore

I'm not saying your friend should drop everything to help you; sometimes they're seriously not in a place to lend support, emotional or otherwise. But if you know that they are but they don't seem to care about what's going on with you, there could be a problem. Friends are supposed to at least want to support each other.

As much as it can hurt to lose a friend, sometimes that's the way things happen. You should definitely make every effort to keep up with a good friend, but it helps to accept that sometimes things end on their own without it being anyone's “fault” Remember, not every friendship is meant to last forever. People are often in our lives for a reason, a season. Sometimes a friendship ends because its cycle is over, nothing more. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever lost a friend? Have you ever “fallen away”? On the other hand, has anyone ever stabbed you in the back or just been mean the way I mentioned above? I'd love to hear from you.

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Omg the same thing happened to me except that my ex bestie turned my crush against me... It hurts but as time goes on it will pass.. At least now you know who u true friends are

People are so mixed up especially if they love to drink-and you don't. I once took my hairdresser in after her "boyfriend"of 9 years through her in the street. I had just had surgery and was in a brace for eight weeks. She was more concerned about being on the phone bad mouthing him and going out every night. Never once picked up and vacuum to help me... I found that she went to stay with her mother have to do that-she just used me so she could go and drink all the time. Live. And learn

I've been best friends with my friend for almost 4 years and it's always like the conversation is forced and things are really awkward around each other. We don't even say hi to each other anymore unless we see each other down the road. We don't even make eye contact on campus anymore. Not only me, but she doesn't seem to want to socialize with anyone anymore. Depression? Maybe there's something going on with her that I need to find out

Happening to me right now. It's really sad. Things just aren't the same. But I'm trying to be positive about it. And this article was very helpful :) so thanks.

This happened to me with a friend twice! We became really close, then she became rude and judgmental. I distanced myself from her. Than several months later we made up, became friends again. Then after a few months she started being rude and judgmental again. My friendship with her ended AGAIN. I guess she was only for a reason and a season.

Yeah I just when through this. It is not easy, but it is for the best. Everything happens for a reason

Yes , when I was married and miserable she was there for me , when I became single like her , all of a sudden I became her competition , she shut me me names and shut me out , it hurts we were friends for 30 yrs

I was best friends with this girl for almost 2 years, I went over to her house all the time and became really good friends with her parents and brother, even met her entire extended family! And then all of a sudden she stopped talking to me less and less and when I see her around town she avoids looking at me and pretends she didn't see me. It really hurts because she is the one person who I trusted with everything. She replaced me with one of my other friends and now they do everything together. She points out my flaws and turns my friends against me, the next day saying how sorry she is for acting rudely. In the past few weeks I've kind of been excepting that we aren't friends anymore, as much as it hurts

I seem to lose everyone. I've just lost the last of my close friends.

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